Real-Time Amibroker Data Feed at Electrifying Speed Data provided for Equity, Futures & Options, Commodity and Currency.

Main Features

RT Data for Amibroker

We provide Indian Stock and Commodity Market Real Time Data for Amibroker version 5.4 and above. Our Amibroker Data App for Windows is very user friendly and easy to use.

Amibroker Data Feed

Amibroker Data Feed for Equity, Stock Futures, Nifty and BankNifty Weekly Options, Commodity and Currency Segments with 365 days 1min time-frame backfill.

Excellent Data Quality

Tick by tick Data is updated in amibroker by multiple dedicated servers for smooth amibroker data flow for all selected symbols with open interest.

Low Price Amibroker Data

We provide Best Quality Amibroker Data Feed at a very low and cheap pricing. Subscription Price for Amibroker Data Starts from Rs. 500 onwards monthly.

RT Data Backfill

1-Min timeframe data backfill upto 180 days can be taken from ValueRT Data App compatible with Windows-7 and above and also Windows Servers.

Data Features

Real Time Data for Amibroker is downloaded and saved on user's machine, upto 150 symbols per feed updated simultaneously, compatible on VPS/Servers/LAN.

Free Amibroker AFLs

Three Most Popular Amibroker AFLs for Intraday and Positional Traders provided free with annual subscription. Click Here for More...

Min. System Requirement

Minimum System Required: MS Windows-07, Dual Core with 4GB RAM, .Net Framework 4.5 or above Client Profile, 10" Screen.

Customer Support

Excellent online technical remote support provided by expert staff from Monday to Friday (08.00 am to 07.00 pm).

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About us

ValueRT strive to be the Best Amibroker Data Feed Provider in India. Our Real Time Data Services for Amibroker are highly reliable and Quality of Intraday Data for Amibroker is very high and the prices are very low starting from ₹440 per month. Real Time Data Feed for Amibroker is updated tick-by-tick in Amibroker at low latency and 1 min data backfill comes in Amibroker for 180 days. ValueRT Data App is one of the most reliable Amibroker Real Time Data Feed Provider, is very easy to use and user friendly. Get Best After Sales Live Support available from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm.

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We are Not Selling NSE or Commodity Real Time Data